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Musical art is revealed as an eminently social discipline, since it has been created throughout history, it is created by and for groups of people who assume different social roles in their relationship with music, the participants of a musical event interact with each other and is intended for a certain public which is conceived as a social group with certain tastes
The musical phenomenon is not only important for its cultural value, but also for being a dynamic element that participates in the social life of the person, and at the same time configures it.Enter in download song (download lagu) to download your favorite music.

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Then, music is the human practice that, through the auditory-temporal construction, promotes primary values such as pleasure or taste, self-growth and self-knowledge. In this line, music is inherently multicultural, since it involves many musical practices or countless musical cultures.This is the best site to download mp3 in every moment.
It is not less than the musical sense begins its development in the gestation period of the human being, since the fetus is always immersed in a sonosphere: the heartbeat, the mother’s breathing and voice, the intestinal, pulmonary noises , among others; they are part of the sound environment of the maternal womb, environment of the fetus. After birth, this sense develops continuously over time along with its other senses, since together with musical development, boys and girls manage to develop different important aspects for their training, such as perceptive and creative development, among others. . In this way, states of consciousness are constituted, which are defined as systems made up of subsystems and structures. These systems determine the mental functioning that makes a perceived experience in a specific way and not another. So, states of consciousness are general configurations of psychological functioning.

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